Gear Hack: How to Make a Bite Valve Cover for your Camelbak

During a thru-hike, gear breaks down from intense, daily use.  It can be costly to constantly replace things. You may not always be near a town with an outfitter that can sell you specialty items.

This is an easy gear hack that can save you $10 if your looking to replace a Bite Valve Cover for your Hydration Bladder.

What you will need:


I used a Drill + 1/4 inch Drill bit for this demonstration. If you are on a thru hike and have no access to tools, try talking talking up the workers in the auto supply stores or hardware stores around town. People will usually go out of their way to help once you explain what your doing.  A Pocket Knife can work in a pinch with some patience.


You will need to find a 35mm film canister. You can usually get these for free at any photography shop. Make sure you wash this well before going further.

Step 1:

Disconnect bite valve from hose and find a drill bit that roughly matches the diameter of hose.

Disconnect Hose

Step 2:


Drill. It may be easier to start the hole with a smaller drill bit first.


Step 3:

Thread the hose through the hole.







Step 4:

Re-attach bite valve.







Step 5:




Now your all set.  If you want to get a step further, consider putting a small hole in both pieces of plastic and tie them together with a thread of dental floss. That way, you can pop the lid off and not worry about losing it.








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